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"Custom Medication Solutions For Your Unique Needs"

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Practitioners of podiatric medicine treat a variety of ailments and employ innovative techniques to improve the overall well-being of patients. We aim to work with DPMs to ensure your unique needs are handled in a unique matter.

Compounding medications for podiatric conditions is essential in these instances:

  • Your first line therapy fails
  • A commercially manufactured medication is on back-order or discontinued
  •  You have a medical necessity which requires an alternative dosage form or strength be utilized, outside of what is commercially available
  • You have an allergy or side effect to a commercially available product
  • Your medical condition requires the use of multiple therapies combined into one medication

We have the ability to compound medications for the following common conditions:

  • Common & Plantar Warts
  • Anti-fungal & Anti infection disorders of the foot & nail
  • Diabetic Neuropathies
  • Muscle Cramping
  • Post-Op Scar Therapies