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"Custom Medication Solutions For Your Unique Needs"

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Wound Care

Pharmacy Solutions Rx knows that skin wounds, such as pressure sores, are a common health concern; which is why we offer custom compounding medications to patients with hard to heal wounds. Wounds can form on any body part that bears weight for an extended period of time without relief. Health care providers can treat skin wounds in a variety of ways including mobilization, nutritional intake and topical medications.

We offer custom compounded medications that can be applied to the wound and are designed to reduce pain, stimulate new tissue growth, and discourage bacterial overgrowth.  We can also compound medications to apply around the wound to increase blood flow to promote better healing.

  • Debridement options
  • Anti-infective gels, foam, oclusa-derm dressings
  • Non touch spray options
  • Antifungal
  • Treatment of wounds with & without pain